Vrishabha (Taurus)

Your fun loving nature and keen sense of humor attracts others to you. It will also bring joy and peace to your life and to others close to you.

You have the ability to understand others feelings and emotions. It makes you empathize with them and their situations. But today, it's best that you explain your views and opinions clearly so that you are not misunderstood.

You will be able to spend some time with your family today. This will make them feel good about you and also ensure them of your loyalty towards them. Especially since you haven't been able to devote any time with them off late.

Some women may act stubborn today which is usually not their trait. This will also create misunderstandings with people close to them.

You are a person committed to a relationship. The one that you have now forged would be a long one. You will also do whatever is within your means to make it stable.

Busy work schedules may keep fathers away from their family and responsibilities towards them.

Your laziness will prevent you from interacting with others. You will also not use your intelligence and wit to handle the projects you have undertaken.

You will be very generous today with your near and dear ones. You will spend lavishly to treat those close to you. And you will be happy about it.

Express your feelings and emotions clearly and openly to the person you are attracted to. Do not fear rejection.

Implementing a new idea will gain you the approval of your superiors. Your colleagues will also appreciate you and support you in your endeavor to work further on the idea.

You might feel today that you are being forced to take a decision on something too early for your liking. It would be advisable not to give in to the pressure. Instead take some time out and think through before taking any important decisions.

Your friends and family members will help you today in your endeavor to improve your standard of life. They will guide you as you go about building a more secure life for yourself.

You will today be in an entertaining mood. You might treat your friends and yourself to some good food. But try and avoid eating from any unhygienic place or eating unhealthy food.